I have been crafting cold process soap on and off for over 15 years now and love it! I enjoy the creativity and the science behind soap making.  My mother took a class on soap making and then showed me what she had learned, and once we made our first batch together, I was hooked!  My newest soap creations are with beer, wine and bourbon.  About 5 years ago I started making wood wick candles, love the crackle sound when they are burning!  Around the same time, I was getting out of my car and looked down and realized how many pinecones I had in my yard and I thought I wonder what I can make with them.  I did some research and discovered fire starters, I added my own twist and started scenting them.  The scented fire starters fit perfectly with what I was already making, because I could use a lot of the same supplies.   Every time I finished making an order of scented pinecone fire starters I am in aww of how beautiful they are!

I have always wanted to turn my passion in to a full time business, so last year around April 2015 I opened my Etsy Shop!  I was getting tired of saying I am going to do that next year and then next year comes and goes by and nothing is done, as they say in the south “Getter Dun”.

My business name is Southern E-Scentuals because my inspiration comes from all things southern, although I am not a native southerner, I have lived in Georgia more than my birth state and feel this is my home now and I am glad to be a part of the south!

Thank you for reading about me!